Call svamlets

Easily host a few svamlets to test incoming and outgoing call funcationality with Sinch before you commit any dev resoureces. More info about all the data can be found in the docs, available here

  1. Rent a number in the dashboard
  2. configure your app in the dashboard to one of the below URLs. Then, dial the number you rented and it to connect.
  3. Call your number

Redirect all calls to a specific number

Connect all incoming calls to the phonenumber you specify (in e164 format).

Connect to a conference

Connect all incoming calls to t a conference, {ConferenceId} can be any string, and will be created when the first caller dials in.{ConferenceId}

Connect to a SIP endpoint

Want to forward all incoming calls to your sip server? Just point calls here. the Sip address needs to be an existing enpoint in your SIP server.


If you want to replay all the events in your app, use the following with your app key.